About A.S.A.P

Amazing Protection, Redefined Artistically & Scientifically

We believe that affordably-priced gloves should never be offered, at the expense of quality. It’s this very belief that continues to drive our commitment to producing
and offering quality gloves, inspired by 2 key concepts: Art and Science.

The Art & Science of “Art & Science”

“ASAP” is the universal acronym for “as soon as possible”, and for us, the abbreviation of “Art & Science of Amazing Protection”. True to our name, our concept
incorporates the elements of Art and Science, in providing superior protection to glove-users that meets and even exceeds the needs of individual users.

The utilization of creativity and innovation in the manufacturing process, aimed at producing quality gloves that are practical and also aesthetically-pleasing.
The investment – including time and other resources – channeled towards our R&D, in producing technologically-advanced gloves that provide maximum protection.

Put simply, ASAP gloves are the embodiment of innovative ideas and advanced technology. It is indeed this successful combination that has propelled our gloves to
the industry’s forefront, and that continues to set industrial benchmarks.

ASAP, Everywhere & Anywhere

ASAP gloves provide superior protection and excellent tactile sensitivity, without compromising comfort and strength. Designed and produced especially for
professional use in the healthcare, research and industrial sectors, the ASAP range of gloves includes latex and nitrile examination gloves, high-risk gloves and
cleanroom gloves.

To discover what ASAP is all about, just slip on a pair, and be captivated by the art and science of ASAP gloves!