European Regulation
2016/42 European Regulation (EU) 2016/425 covers the procedure for CE Marking Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) labelled as any device or appliance designed to be worn or held by an individual for protection against one or more health and safety hazards.

This new regulation requires that all PPE manufacturers make available EU Declaration of Conformity with each product and comes into force on 21st April 2019.

Download a.s.a.p ppe eu declarations of conformity

Beware of Scammers
It has been brought to our attention that several unauthorized individuals or organizations are reportedly claiming as authorized dealers of ASAP International to secure gains through fraudulent means.

These unauthorized individuals and organizations claim they can supply and distribute ASAP products in large quantities. These fraudulent claims are supported by documents such as; specifications, letters of conformity, certifications, extracted from our official website to make their claims appear legitimate and trustworthy.

In times where genuine glove manufacturers are challenged to meet the immensely high global demand of gloves, organizations who claim they can supply and distribute large volumes of gloves raise suspicion.

We strongly advise you to be cautious and to not entertain such offers, especially at ridiculous prices.

If you have any questions or require clarification concerning the above, please get in touch with us at